Welcome to the Center for Research on School, Education and Higher Education (ZSBH)

The Center for Research on School, Education and Higher Education (ZSBH) is one of nine research units in the Johannes Gutenberg University / Mainz (JGU). The ZBH serves as a network for researchers in social sciences of the JGU and offers networking opportunities with other relevant research units at JGU and other institutions.

Under the umbrella of the ZSBH researchers investigate the conditions and constraints under which education and knowledge develops within and outside of educational institutions in modern science-oriented societies. Research projects focus on empirical and theoretical analyses of educational processes, governance in educational institutions, curriculum development, learning and instruction, professionals who create and represent educational settings, and social change processes and their impact on the organization of education. As a result, four research areas have emerged:

The members of the ZSBH are active both in basic and applied research. The ZSBH funds and initiates interdisciplinary research projects, preferably using a multi-method and mixed methods approach.


Center for School, Educational and Higher Educational Research (ZSBH)
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