International Doctoral Program Mainz - Messina: "Intercultural Pedagogy"

In 2005, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the University of Messina (Italy) agreed to implement a mutual doctoral program on the subject of "Migration, Society, and Education." The program was realized in 2006. The University of Messina has since expanded its program into the field of sociology, which is also available at Mainz University. With the successful completion of the bi-national doctoral degree program, the degree holder is entitled to use the German title (Dr. phil.) as well as the Italian title (Dottorato di ricerca). There are also financial aid options in the form of scholarships.


Previous congresses: 

The last congress took place from 24.06.-27.06.2010 at the University of Mayence:

"German-Italien Migration movements as part of the European transnational area."


"Migrazione e pedagogia interculturale nello spazio transnazionale sociale dell’Europa."

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October 2009: "Citizenship in Europe: social, political and pedagogic Aspects. Cittadinanza in Europa: aspetti sociali, politici ed educativi." (University Messina)

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February 2009: "Religion as Dimension of the interculturality and as condition for national Action". (University Mayence)

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Oktober 2008: "Il Dialogo tra le Reti Interculturali. Questioni e prospsettive. The dialogue between the intercultural Networks. Questions and perspectives (University Messina).


October 2007: "inter-culture as a political program, as pedagogic practice and academic Research conecpt. Interculturalità come programma politico, come prassi pedagogica e concetto di ricerca scientifica." (University Mayence)


März 2007: "Mediterraneo Culla di Minoranze e Migrazioni. The Mediterranean area as bassinet of minorities and migrations". (University Mayence)




Prof. Dr. Concetta Sirna, Messina (Program agent Messina)

Prof. Dr. Franz Hamburger, Mayence (Program agent Mayence)

Prof. Dr. Ursula Apitzsch, University Frankfurt

Prof. Otto Filtzinger, Institution for intercultural Pedagogic in the elementary area, Mayence 

Dipl.-Soz.päd. Silke Heiland, Mayence

Dr. Günther Sander, Mayence/Oppenheim und Cagliari / Sardinien

Doctoral candidates and dissertation projects:

Dipl.-Soz.päd. Silke Heiland (University Mayence)

Diane Dingeldein MA (University Mayence): "Custom and Migration at the example of the Passion game in Bensheim. Analysis to an italien-german intercultural Transfer.



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