Coordination Committee

A coordination committee monitors the activities of the Center for Research on Education and Higher Education:

Chair and Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Tobias Feldhoff (chair)
Institute of Education
Tel +49 6131 39-29323

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schmidt (co-chair)
Center for Quality Assurance and Development
Tel +49 6131 39-20731

Further Members

Prof. Dr. Heide von Felden
Institute of Education
Tel +49 6131 39-23245

Prof. Dr. Margarete Imhof
Institute of Psychology
Tel +49 6131 39-39173

Consultant Members



Sophie Bülter, M.A.
Managing Director
Tel +49 6131 39-20423

Kathrin Kiefer, M.A.
Scientific Assistant
Tel +49 6131 39-20423