Transfer Office for Education – City of Science 2011

The Transfer Office for Education was initially established for three years at the Center for Educational and Higher Educational Research as part of the "Mainz – City of Science 2011" program.

The newly created Transfer Office for Education aims at strengthening the interaction between the scientific community and society at large by supporting and reinforcing mutual cooperation as well as  subject specific networks bringing together experts of Mainz University, non-university research institutions, and representatives from the regional educational landscape.

In its start-up phase, the Transfer Office shall:

  • provide support for regional application-oriented research projects and academic support of innovative practical projects such as the "DenkSport" project, which is offered during vacation to advance children and youngsters with learning difficulties. Moreover, "DenkSport" is a test of teaching projects designed at Mainz University, which are now evaluated together with academic and non-academic partners; evaluation studies related to educational support projects of the city of Mainz.
  • address the education infrastructure in Mainz with all the transitions, interlocking, and permeability of educational domains with topics such as the choice of school; analysis of regional bodies of knowledge, cooperation of educational practice projects with specific offerings at universities.

The Transfer Office concept will be further developed and enhanced along the following guidelines: transparency of networks and development projects of the many players involved, and support of coordinated projects that contribute to the educational quality and to more equal opportunity in particular.

Thomas Kimmig has been working in the Transfer Office since mid-April 2011. He has gained a lot of experience working in a diverse range of educational research projects and their administration at the German Institute for International Education Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt/Main and at the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts.